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long time... [15 May 2006|11:29am]
[ mood | sore ]

so i just forget about this thing every now & then...oops!

so school is out finally and i made straight A's go me!! i was so excited to get out even tho i will miss the people in the class!

work is good

idk what all to say in this it's been so long so blah

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oh gosh! [17 Oct 2005|01:46am]
[ mood | naughty ]

"drama...i love it"-KRISTIN from laguna..

drama is all that seems to have been going on lately...

my sister and i got into a HUGE fight in charlotte...it was over nothing but it still made me mad that she's overly hypocritical. bitch.

theres this little 16 yr old like coming up to my work startin shit...i love my girls there tho my fave said "she is so damn lucky and best be glad i wasnt there" haha shes a dumbass to sum it up

my so-called friend is like overly jealous that i have friends..that dont like her...and when i hang out with them is when she starts the drama like GOSH GET OVER IT!

my amanda and i are suppose to have lunch/dinner sometime soon, IM STOKED! i miss her soo much..we kinda quit being friends bc of a dumb comment i made...i miss my manda bear!

a bunch of halloween parties are whats up in a few more days! a bunch of ppl havent gotten costumes yet WHY!??!?

i think my sis is moving out....her or me one!! i kinda want to move out but i would want furniture before i did...bc she moved out without any and had to sporadically spend haha

im in love with southpark mall...louis vuitton, coach, tiffany & co, this sunglass store with Dior & Chanel sunglasses, A&F, hollister...HOW COULD U NOT LOVE THIS MALL????

i miss justin..he's all the way in florida...he's suppose to call when he comes home for major holidays IM EXCITED!


thats all for now



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it's been such a long time [16 Aug 2005|12:28am]
[ mood | crazy ]

so many things have happened i dont know where to even start...


i will when i feel like it



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WHERE TO BEGIN?!?!... [13 Jun 2005|11:09pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

long time since i last updated...don't know if i can remember all this but here it goes...

a while ago, me, josh and jenna went to the hot tub, so relaxing, haha drunk ppl with a keg were there...jenna and josh wanted to drink but i dont do beer...UGHH...it was fun we went to waffle house afterwards and i felt sick as a mofo...jenna has like this "friend"(of course she doesnt know her outside of waffle house) named SHA-QUAY-QUAY...shes so funny, they picked with each other the ENTIRE time these other ppl thought they were really fighting...it was HILARIOUS!...

this past monday i worked 9-6 idk if i went out that night or not??? cant remember!

tuesday...ahhh my day off...WHAT A FUCKIN DAY THO...ame calls me up, havent talked to her in MONTHS....she says "brandi's dad has passed away" and im just shocked like wow ya know...u dont want to believe it's true but at the same time ur like STFU STOP KIDDING bc u don't WANT to believe it but it was sad...so i woke my ass up, got ready, met ame and amanda at amanda's house and went..i just hugged brandi it was sad, i couldnt imagine going thru that...sooo i went out to eat at pizza hut with amanda & ame...and they come over here...DAMN IF THE DOG DIDNT PISS IN THE FLOOR, AND I SLIP IN IT AND SPRANG MY DAMN ANKLE! how GRRRRRREAT is that?!...so yeah THATS ONE OF MY DAYS OFF!

wednesday im layed up in bed all day cant walk...

thursday layed up in bed UNTIL brandi calls wantin to go out so im like FUCK YES GET ME OUT OF HERE...so shannon comes home, she tans, goes by the gas station and gets beer, then brandi's at my house we go to chilis...come back, watch the MTV Video Music awards and just chill...she goes home i fall RIGHT ASLEEP!....

friday....layed up in bed all day...meds got me fucked up!...thanks to ALMIRA for mentioning to my mom about putting ONIONS??? on my feet...greeeeeeeeeat fuckin greeeeeeeat!

saturday...layed in bed all day haha........START TO WALK WOOOOOOOHOOOO!...went out to eat with jenna and LG @ Chili's! and went to wal-mart...ppl there are so fuckin rude, like my crutches obviously didnt fit in that SMALL basket in the electrical scooter thing so im yellin EXCUSE YOU EXCUSE YOU to this DUMB BITCH that wouldnt move...like damn forreal u got legs THAT WORK!...came home slept...

yesterday i layed in bed, went to justins that night... idk if i wanna get into this subject....

today i just chilled, me and mom went to chilis and to pay insurance...FUN...came home slept, watched the INFERNO, im pissed that Tonya is still there UGHHHHHH I CANT STAND HERRRRRRR!

caught up good enough, "WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY??...PEACE"-CT

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"oh what a night..." [29 May 2005|09:24pm]
[ mood | happy ]


last thursday...ah went to lunch with my ashley & lindsey :(...NO TEARS!! we decided that's the best way, it was fun we went to country kitchen and we was of course the loudest ppl in there...food was good...but um yeah haha! after that woowee! our tummys were all hurting THEY POISONED OUR FOOD...oh well..i love her & ill miss her "YEAH STACEY WHAT DID WE GET ASHLEY?" haha love u linds!

friday morning i got a wake up call from MISS KIM and she was like ally is sick u need to come in...so i worked 9:20-6:30...didnt go camping bc that justin never called me back? o well f him i dont have time for petty things like that...so i go home and sleep, get up, eat, go back to sleep i was soooo tired saturday i get up and me and mom were gonna go to the mall but we ended up everywhere but the mall...we saw niki at target and we shopped, went to Cook-out, shopped, niki came over, went home, came back, ate and then we went out haha...met these guys talk about stuck up friends...its so stupid for ppl to be stuck up...eps when they aint even cute!!! maybe im just confusing stuck up with shy idk?...so then good ole Josh gives me a call...haha long story short CRAZY TIMES IN THE HOT TUB hahaha...then we just came on home "OH GOD I HIT HER! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THE ROAD????" hahahhaaaaaaa

this morning i got a wake up call from Niki and we went up to good ole BV and there is a new valet named Justin...and we get to talking and he's sayin stuff about how all these ppl(DANIEL) talked junk about me and im like i havent even done anything to him so whatever he said he'd like to find otu himself, he showed me how to text message on my new cell haha..."YOU NEED TO UPGRADE"...soo then we leave and we've just been textin since, idk it's kinda strange haha we wont get into that tho...so me and niki go to CHILI'S..and WHO THE HELL DO I SEEE?!?! omg omg omg omg omg omg!!! ITS GAVIN A LONGGGGGGGG time ago when i was in karate class(yeah shut up haha) there was this totally HOT guy and yah it was him...he's 21 now and better looking than EVER! he sits and talks to us and invites us to come see him again and lmao we leave the number and leave....we are almost at the car when we hear a "HEY WAIT" and there he is ahhahaha...me and niki thought we didnt leave him enough or something was wrong haha we didnt know he said "WHO'S NUMBER IS THIS? YOU DIDNT LEAVE A NAME!" hahahah hopefully he'll call he seemed so nice, not that he was ever mean but its crazy who u run into...

so we go back to BV forgot we had to go to walmart and we talk to justin again and he invites us over tonight to his race thing, of course we didnt go but there are other times..

i do miss talking to the other josh tho, his plans were kept and he went camping...LUCKY! o well maybe another day



that's it for now....

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THIS IS REALLY, GOODBYE :( [25 May 2005|11:39pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

i know this is twice in one day, but i forgot...bc i didnt want it to happen but it's really good-bye :(

ashley, my co-worker, is leaving to go to Tennessee, i know it's not far and me and linds will def go visit her but imma miss her so much, tomorrow we are having lunch together...i know imma just cry i don't want tomorrow to come, unfortunatly, it HAS to...idk what to say or how to say it, but i know ima be crying, shes such a nice person and can just make u laugh so much, she's amazing, and idk how ima do this but I AM, I HAVE TO, I WILL BE STRONG....how are u suppose to say goodbye to a friend for a little while like taht soemone u care and love so much and love to see when u go into work...im really sad about this...tomorrow will be a down day bc of it... :( *sigh* i guess this is part of growing up..I LOVE YOU AND ILL MISS YOU, ASHLEY!

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silly boys! :) [25 May 2005|12:37pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so it's been a while and imma start off with Megan Howell...so most people around here know the story but if you don't here it is breif of course...megan and her 2 sisters, misty and tara, were on their way home from a fleetwood mac concert on sept 10th, 2003 WHEN a drunk driver struck the back of their limo, there were questions if the gas tank blew up which i think someone did say it did but still, if dumbass wouldn't have hit it it wouldnt have exploded, sadly enough witnesses said they say their hands at the window bc they obviously couldnt get out, whether the door was locked or jammed IDK?, sooo the guy is jeffrey Mcfayden...and his level of alcohol was TWICE the amount as legal idk.....HOW IRONIC IS THIS....he has the SAME lawyer i had that got me OUT of my speeding ticket AND helped me when this idiot took me to court for something i didnt even do....WELL...he gets him off at no longer than 6 years in jail for KILLING 3 people while drunk....yah he must be a good lawyer but 2 years a person IF THAT?...thats a bit light...i mean damn she was so many peoples friend and for him to be drunk and kill people and notreally have that long of a sentence?...i think he deserves the death penalty...personally.

okayyyyyyy sooo i do recall i called him JASON in mylast entry haha it's JOSH!...well joshfrom the club somehow gets my number and calls me and we talk...he lives somehwat close woohoo...from what i know he's really sweet!

CAMPING THIS WEEKEND..yah with Justin and his family haha...no comment on this yet tho???

soo justin invites me over to Mitch's house last night bc they are all chillin them and a couple other ppl and OMG lets talk about them almost gettin into a literal fist fight over NOTHING~! they were arguing who could see a 2 wheel drive truck driving down the road vs a 4 wheel drive truck.....wtf ikd it was crazy, they both scared me! FOR REAL!

im going over to curt's house tonight, he's going to cook me dinner and we are going to rent a movie! fun stuff i wonder what he's gonna cookkkkkk it better be good haa

talked to josh recently and YET our jammy party is set! yahhhhhhh! no backing out!

i would type more but i dont feel like it.......PEACE BITCHES!

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it's been a while... [20 May 2005|12:00am]
[ mood | ditzy ]

it's been a while since i updated and not much has really happened...

got paid + commission check last week and it was GREAT...i went from gettin paid 2 times a month to every monday..what a great monday EVERY monday!

sooo i get called into work early and i park kinda up from where i usually park..and i for some reason idk why GO TO THE WINDOW...and i look at my car i NEVER do that..and i see this truck coming up the wrong way and it's a one way thing and the parking is hard if ur coming the wrong way...so i notice her back up and i just think SHE BETTER NOT HIT MY CAR...sooo iget busy think nothing more of it..next day im at the bank and WTF DO I SEE this HUGE scratch on my car yeah my ass went nuts!...i went to the place lookin for this bitch, im yellin at my mom haha just tellin her what happened and she said "stacey calm down b4 u have a STROKE!" haha so i do...well bc this happened...and that is in fact the SECOND TIME MY CAR HAS BEEN HIT PARKED...and ive never wrecked it, and it has dents and dings...the subject of *****NEW CAR***** comes up...and we decided somewhere from my bday to christmas is when i will prolly get a new car...prolly even after christmas bc both my grandmas give me $100 each so $200 more on a down payment is a little bit of help....im thinking LEXUS? UH YEAH!...i test drove a jeep grand cherokee today and a honda accord eh, that jeep didnt handle to well and the accord didn't have a spoiler...to kernersville we gooooooo to FLOW LEXUS :)

went to the club this weekend with shannon and aly...FUN i ALWAYS get into the red room which is 21+ and so shannon gets me vodka & pineapple? so i chug it bc shes like "BE CAREFUL A.L.E." and im like OK DONE! so she hands me hers and i had been drinking before we get there so after that she gives me hers and i drink half that she didnt drink....we go dance...and there is this TOTALLY CUTE GUY that is in pink *melts* and we dance but i couldnt dance bc i was so drunk...so then we go to the bar and i get a OJ & vodka, go to the bathroom, drink it and this chic comes in and pukes so im so grossed out but it was cool...we danced for a little while longer, andleft...i felt like poop the next day...

so then shannon and i go hit up the mall..and we're walking into Hollister and this guy goes "THE GIRLS FROM THE CLUB" and i give him this look like OH GOD..bc i was actin a fool and just laughin my ass off at these goof ass people there...and so we shop Hollister which i might add has NOTHING anymore, like id rather just buy abercrombie idk why but Hollister has never been my fave store...at one time they did have cute stuff but anymore its nothing...so we walk out and GUY follows us...to Limited and soo we shop for a while wow we spent almost $1,000 bc we spent 300 in express...200 and something in abercrombie and almost 300 in Limited and then this 90 dollar necklace thing....yeah HOT! good times shoppin with shanny--def doing it again!

so ironically enough..shannon gets online tonight and KYLE IMs her..but it's JASON and its the GUY FROM THE CLUB IN THE PINK! haha he said "set me up with ur sister"...how funny is that! i think we're all going out sometime soon idk..i gotta work all weekend BOOOOOOO but it's not bad hours...o well MAKIN MONEY!! i work 41 hours this week so yay! and im 200 dollars from gettin my bills paid off and then by that time i pay my cell bill then SAVE SAVE SAVE for my new car...WHATEVER IT MAY BE!

soooo the beach is coming up soon yayayya we are all going to COLLEGE week & 4th of July weekend....YAY FOR SUMMER!

shannon of course is moving back home...so the house is basically a MESS...i did manage to clean out my closet its REALLY sad..i got rid of like 10 pairs of pants and like 20 shirts...and u would THINK id have more room without it BUT NO OHHH NO for some reason i have LESS...oh well...u can NEVER have too many clothes!

talk to justin more which is good...we were such good friends until we dated FOR A WEEK haha...oh well he's awesome to talk to i missed talkin to him while we didn't talk...austin and i talk more as well as me and josh...its crazy how u dont talk to ppl for SOOOOO long then its like "damn where are they" if u dont talk to them!...as of saturday adam will owe me 10 dollars haha bc I WON MY BET! i miss my adam i dont go see him as much as i used to...

soo this is my last thing on this...i went CD CRAZY...i have so many new cds its not funny...and i get anxious wheni get in my car bc idk what to listen to haha its sad!!....trick daddy, kenny chesney, brad paisley, ying yang twins, between the burried and me, beloved, this day and age, a day at the fair, gwen stefani, nivea, trillville, rascal flatts, def leppard...and seriously like 5 more i didnt mention...BC I CANT REMEMBER THEM ALL...and thats sad...oh well at least i got good listening! :)

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what a freakin weekend!! [08 May 2005|10:08pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

soo looking back now last week was craziness!

last thursday didn't do much, just slept and worked went in at 2 i think idk i don't really keep up much anymore just go day to day with my whole schedule deal..whatever..

friday i went to get my eyebrows done...i might have done that earlier in the week but anyways point being they are now dont yay...this chic named Dawn did em, they're ok not the best things but they work...HOT!...so then i go to work and i do believe i got mad...YES not mad just irritated i guess...bc i had to do somehting on the computer that NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY knew how to do except maybe Kim but we werent suppose to call her this weekend bc she was at the beach havin her some FUN IN THE SUN! well anyways after about 30-45 min i finally figure it out BY MYSELF, YES THANK YOU STACEY!..and thennn someone else yelled at me for something dumb...i cant help but laugh at these ppl...oh well last time i laughed in someones face she said "WHAT'S UR NAME IM GOING TO CALL YOUR MANAGER"...she did...anddddd Kim took up for me..that isnt the whole story but whatever IM SKIPPING AROUND...back to moral...friday was good...i just came home friday night and chilled bc i was soooo tired from work and idk why...me and starr ate Wendy's then me and Amber ate Pizza Hut hah fatty girls! its just crazy...i havent gained one OUNCE

saturday--good ole saturday i worked with Lindsey!! oh man this movie came on and we were sooo into it! haha which is bad when ur at work...but if one of us got a customer we would fill each other in and during commercials we would clean...good times i like workin with everyone there--nice, friendly, smiling people!...anyways i went straight to kernersville from lewisville anddd then went staight to greensboro for a family mothers day cookout...rather fun i must say its always good to spend time with the family!...then came home around 10, took a shower and met austin and we had our jammy party!! haha we watched the movie The Sweetest Thing it was funny stuff!!..then we go to bed and it's so impossible to sleep with a COVER hog! lol but then again we had 6 diff covers and 18 pillows lmao!...whatever tho..good times!

today i am on myw ay home from the jammy party andddddddd im doing like 70 or so in the FAST LANE...well im behind a buick that is behind another car and there is a truck behind me...well im about to change CDs when i see the back of the buicks car basically raise(SLAMMING ON BRAKES)and so i slam on mine DUH...and we are in the fast lane and i swereved into the fast lanes shoulder...just to avoid hitting this stuuupid person in front of me...welll the truck behind me almost slams into my passenger door and my windows were down..and me being like i am im honking the horn and yelling "WHAT THE FUCK IDIOTS LEARN TO FUCKIN DRIVE"...well then i see mr police man come walkin to me and i shut up haha...well he's walking to the street TO DO WHAT? PICK UP A FUCKIN LAWN CHAIR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAMN HIGHWAY.....ok bitch rant...#1 whoever the fuck lost the lawchair should have at least stopped for it #2...instead of slamming on ur brakes u could have GOT IN THE NEXT LANE OVER!(i would have but it all happened so fast and i was super close to the buick and if i would have gotten over i would have hit it)...#3 when u see a POLICE CAR..u are BY LAW SUPPOSE TO MOVE OVER A LANE...the police man was in fact in the fast lanes shoulder WHICH MEANS NO FUCKIN BODY SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE FAST LANE..AND MOVED THE HELL OVER...but i didnt even see the sheriff until i was yellin after it all happened...I HATE FUCKIN IDIOT ASS DRIVERS---WE ALL GO THRU DRIVING SCHOOL FOR A DAMN REASON!

ugh ok so now that thats done with my girl steph got her job at the bank!! THATS SO EXCCCCCIIITING july 10th cannot wait! :)

that's all now. bye.

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"WHAT'S WITH ALL THE SHOUTING?" [05 May 2005|11:41am]
[ mood | silly ]



on a different note heh...i didn't get to see American Idol but i'm sooooo glad Scott went home ugh i couldn't stand him...he reminded me too much of Rueben...fatasses that i don't like eww and the way he sweats is so nasty, the way any fatass sweats grosses me out...ew just sick.

so yesterday went to this place in greensboro that a LOSER refered me to to get these CDs i've been wanting bc Best Buy doens't sell them, they didnt have the 2 CDs i wanted so i got Fall Out Boy and One Six Conspiricy...they're pretty good...then went to Best Buy and got Mariah Carey's new cd and Nivea!!


ok so last night was HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS NIGHT!!...and i went to work to help Amber get out of there fast and Billy said "vacuum and LEAVE!" so amber vacuumed and we left....Jamie called and said she was on her way...and we were too blah blah...we met up and we got there went in and it wasnt really crowded butttt the 1st opening band were good...2nd opening band gave me a damn headache andddd DUH HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS WERE GREAT!...me and jamie got this zip up shirt that has their name on it and Amber bought her a CD bc she'd never heard them b4 haha she kept saying "is this saves the day? is this finch?" LOL she's so silly!


anyways...i gotta work today 2-9 and i'm soo tired...i feel hungover or whatnot..even tho i didn't drink...HUMP DAY is over so now the weekend is coming soon soon soon!! yayayyayay!

talking to Dana again we finally hung out a couple weekends ago...lets just say i give this girl PROPS and that i love her to DEATH! haha GOOD JOB DANA GOOD JOB! MIRACLES HAPPEN TO THOSE WHO WAIT! HEHEHHE!

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Gosh! [03 May 2005|10:43pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

what a LONG beginning of the week gahh!

ok so sunday went to tan and went out to eat at the brick oven with starr, justin and amber...good times!

monday i worked 9-9 woohoo 12 hours i worked with LINDSEY who is now MARRRRRIED! how cute is that! she's sick poor thing! so we worked and got out of there about 9 then me and jenna went to the hot tub and talked, felt good to relax and just chill for a little while...its crazy what u find out when just 2 people talk...so called friends lying on you...guys talkin crap...yeah bs but whatever--losers!..and no wonder why someone doesnt have my number! THANK GOD! and if *you* read this and *you* know what i'm talking about I'M GLAD YOU DON'T HAVE MY NUMBER BC IF UR SUPPOSE TO BE MY BEST FRIEND AND UR LYIN ON ME UR JUST A POS BITCH! :) ...yes i feel better!!

woke up this morning anddddd my crack head of a dog jumped on my bed and clawed the CRAZINESS out of my back...why? BC HE JUMPED ON MY BACK AND USED HIS CLAWS TO PULL HIMSELF ON MY BED! why? BC HE'S A RETARD!...then i come down and get on daddy's computer and i call him over behind the desk and i say "come here" and he jumps in my lap like he's gonna fit...UH NO he's not a huge dog but he's not a little bitty puppy anymore either...so my legs get all clawed up I LOOK LIKE IVE BEEN BEAT HAHA oh welllls

went to get my check this morning it's so nice to get paid EVERY monday and it's over 200 each week... that brings a smile to my face...get our commission check sometime soon wooohoo! today at work was crazy...slooooow UNTIL close wtf like dont come in last minute THAT'S GAY!...but that's ok bc we had a bunch of stuff to finish..haha saw good ole ADDAM today!! my fave guy friend...well one of em haha!

ummm sooooooo HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS CONCERT is tomorrow night yesssss so excited me and amber MIGHT go shopping tomorrow morning for it bc she has to work tomorrow night but Billy is coming in for her for the last 2 hours of her shift so yay!

gonna get he new gwen stefani, nivea, and some other CD i forgot...i still have to go to Gboro for these 2 CDs i want that are so worth it!...

this weekend...cant wait for it...me and amber work together friday so we might do something haha we usually go get some food...then saturday i work then me and jenna are suppose to be doing something then me & austin are gonna have a PJ party! so yeah fun times...and ill have the next 2 weekends off bc ive worked the past 3 and we get every other weekend off soooo def going to SC with my austin! haha

k that's my update! BYE!<3*

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so I can see this!!!! [01 May 2005|02:08pm]
[ mood | hot ]

sooo it's been a while but somehow Steph reminded me about this thing, and i went back to see where i left off BUT it won't LET ME!....gay? yes! so we'll start a while back!

-got a NEW job that I absolutely LOVE!!...bermuda run haha just drama drama and it was so unfair, somehow i managed 2 years with NO raise or anything....yah advice to all NEVER DO THAT! for the simple fact there is something better out there...i started my new job at 7.25 within the first 2 weeks i got a raise and no not no .25 cent or .50 cent raise, it was GOOD! THEN on top of that i make commission...my 1st commission check for 3 weeks was almost $100 dollars...i LOVE my job and i LOVE the people there they are all so sweet and guess what the 2 or 3 months ive been there...NO DRAMA!! not ONE single argument between ANYONE! we just all work so well together and i love them allllll!! and i love my managers!!

-new group of friends...good lord nothing like these crazy people hah!...so the old friends were always fun but eh, they just suck! but the new people ive never laughed, had so much fun, done the things ive done and it's nothing bad...no loud obnoxious people but just fun easy going laid back people that KNOW how to have fun without having to act like sluts or whores, yah we've drank before but we don't need it to have fun! i do miss my jenna and jettie tho, i havent seen them in idk how long...i hope their doing okay!...eh i dont hope i know they are :) 

-new things in my life...so as we grow we learn that we have this thing called RESPONSIBILITY...fortunatly unlike my sister i am paying for my things yes, for once in my life...i got my own cell phone which will build my credit without a credit card!! it's in my name and i got the 1st bill for it friday HOW EXCITING! my computer that's upstairs crashed :( very depressing so i'm going to get my own, and no not the cheap $300 dollar one it's gonna be as hot as my dad's he has this new flat screen Dell i think it's the 8400 model haha hell idk! but i like it a lot! soo when i MOVE OUT i'll already have my own computer...ill probably move out the endish of the year to the beginning of next year! just so i have enough money for all the 74987378323 things that i would need :) yeaaaah and i already know where i want to go..although i'm not sure exactly how to get there, Devon lives there though, i can always ask her :)

-school...YEAH stacey's going back!! Starr is going with me sometime to get me registered...im kinda excited but i kinda like eeeeeeehhhhh about it..i've never liked school and just sitting there for a looong time, well for what seems like a long time it kinda just SUCKS!...but i can and will do this idk what imma major in but hey, at least im not doing what everyone says i'll do  "u'll never go back" F YALL WHO SAID THAT! haaaaa

-DEALS!!...i am going to my cell phone company to get $10 dollars for a deal i made with the guy there HAHA I WON!! and a certain someone that i don't liek anymore would owe me $50 dollars when i go back to school in the fall...haha bitches don't make deals with me BC I ALWAYS WIN! i get my way! UH DUH!

-the guy in my life....aww so sweet! imma leave it at that! no jinxing anything haha!

-recently what has and is going to happen.....ive been working and chillin me and Josh chilled last night and i havent seen him in a hot minute it was fun to just talk he's nice!! umm HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS CONCERT IS WEDNESDAY! yess i'm so excited!..me amber and jamie are going I LOVE THEM! i went and saw jamie in best buy the other day when i was adding to my collection of CDs haha and she was like "yeah i can't wait i listen to them everyday!" so cute! WAAAAKEEE UPPPP! hhehe...STEPH is coming to see me soon, college week is coming soon, new wardrobe coming soon haha new computer ahh THEN NEW HOME!



so that is what the hell has been going on in my life...minus a few things sooo yeahhhh! sorry it was kinda long...




"the difference between a hooker & a ho ain't nothing but a FEE!"

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Friends Onlyyyy Suckaaaaas. [13 Jun 2004|08:59pm]
[ mood | good ]

<3stacey*(with the help of stephanie.lol.)

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